Why use the enneagram?

enneagram exploration work with me

I use the enneagram as a self-awareness tool in my coaching. Find out what it is and how it can be helpful in your self-development

Returning during the pandemic and grief

returning during the pandemic - stay home

Re-entry is tough at any time, but returning during the Covid-19 pandemic is all the more tricky for a number of reasons. As things start to open up again (I speak from the UK here – apologies if you are somewhere who doesn’t have that hope…yet), the thing that strikes me most is that we […]

Coping in strange times #2

coping in strange times 2 - gratitude

My last blog covered some of the basics of coping in these strange times we’re in: looking after ourselves, the importance of touch, imagining the future whilst also remaining fully rooted in the present. This post will offer a few more strategies and thoughts. Gratitude Many people incorporate some sort of gratitude practice into their […]

Coping in strange times

coping in strange times - lockdown

The lock-down continues. How are you coping in these strange and different times? Are you in your host country, unable to go out and work? Or maybe you’ve been repatriated to your home country and are trying to settle without the possibility of “normal” life. Or perhaps you were on leave when lock-down happened and […]

Resettlement coaching

resettlement coaching - seedling in hands

Several people have asked me lately about what I do to help people adjust to their home country. Or they weren’t clear that it is something I do. So I thought I would try to spell it out in a blog so you have a clearer idea. Re-entry or resettlement coaching is about accompanying you […]

Finishing Well

finishing well

It’s that time of year when many people are packing up, saying their goodbyes and leaving for other pastures. Whether moving on to a new assignment or returning to your passport country, finishing well in your current location is vital for a smoother transition. What happens if you don’t finish well? You may leave with […]


endings - signpost dead end

One of the key things about transition is that it involves an ending. That’s what sets it all off. William Bridges defines the stages in his book The Way of Transition: Endings, Neutral zone and new beginnings. He also goes on to break down the Endings into smaller components, which I will consider in this […]

Time to experiment

time to experiment - treehouse

Transitions happen at various times in our lives. Relocation, retirement, parenthood, feeling stuck in our career, .. there are many things that lead to transition. And re-entry is one of them. There are loads of tips out there on surviving transition, things like: journalling looking at the big picture dreaming about / imagining what could […]

New year’s resolutions

New year's resolutions - candle

I read recently (thanks Jerry Jones) that only 8% of people reach their new year’s resolutions. Eight percent!! That’s hardly any! But wait – that number changes to 65% if we have someone who keeps us accountable to that goal. And 95% if you make regular meetings with that person. That’s massive! Intention gets us […]


Motivations - mug do important

Why did you really go abroad? A bit of distance enables reflection on things that we couldn’t see at the time. Motivations are always mixed, no matter how pure we think they are at the time. Whether I like it or not (and am willing to admit it to myself at the time or not), […]