Can’t see where
the road goes
Coming up against
the same old stuff
and wanting to
know how to move
beyond it?
Back from living
abroad and not
sure who you are
or how to adjust to
coming “home”?
Feeling hemmed
in by life and
not able to express
Work through the chaos of readjusting to going home after living abroad; work out who you are now and have confidence as you move towards the future
Support your staff by providing debriefs, coaching or seminars / webinars to meet their needs when they return from living abroad
Work out what’s keeping you stuck and how to move beyond where you are, whilst making the most of your transition

Books and other resources

Online course: From Apprehensive to Quietly Confident – to help you finish well in your current location and start to prepare for returning to your passport country.

Arriving Well: Stories of Identity, Belonging and Rediscovering home after living abroad” – an anthology of re-entry stories including hints, tips and reflections for your own re-entry. Available as ebook only.

My blog on re-entry topics can be found here.

Check out my resources page and see my recommended reading and blog list.

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Is debriefing beneficial when staff come back from living overseas?
What do most people find hard when they go “home”? What has been the most helpful in settling back?
Is debriefing beneficial when staff come back from living overseas?

Re-Entry stories

Would you like a place to get more support as you return to your home country? Facebook Group Global Repats / Returning Expats is just that – a place to share experiences, read blogs and articles that may help, and ask others questions. Please feel free to join the group!

helen watts

I feel like I have spent my life going through transitions and being affected by them: from single to married; living in the UK to living overseas; being a young mum to having more capacity for other things; living overseas to coming home again; mechanical engineer to life coach / mum / enneagram teacher.

I completely get the feeling of being in limbo land, or liminal space as some might call it. That place of having ended something but not begun the next… more…

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