About Helen Watts

Helen Watts

I work with people who are in the midst of navigating change or transition. That might be repatriating after living overseas; it may be knowing you don’t want to be where you are but don’t know where you want to be; or it may be that you are stuck in your personal development and need help moving forwards.

I spent many years as an expat in a remote corner of Central Asia with my young family. My main roles during this time were child-care, home-school tutor and keeping home. I also mentored short-term workers, ran parenting courses for young mums, put up a wind turbine in a collective farm and investigated alternative sources of energy. In our last few months in Central Asia, my family and I lived through a revolution which overthrew the government an incredibly turbulent time.

The upheaval that ensued gave me a real desire to listen to people and to help them to capitalise on their learning from the challenges they have faced.

why use the enneagram

On my return to the UK in 2010,  I retrained as a life coach and a debriefer. Since then I have completed my training as an Enneagram Trainer and workshop leader in the Narrative Enneagram tradition. I am also a Certified Enneagram Typing Practitioner.

Having been through re-entry myself – as a single person, as a couple, and once with our young family – I know how disorienting it can be and how much of a roller-coaster ride. I love the process of supporting you through any turbulence you may encounter, and help you find meaning and positive pathways through it all.

Working with the enneagram really helps you to get to grips with who you are and why you do what you do, as well as why you clash with some people and not so much with others. And the all important bit: to know how to start to change and move beyond the patterns you find yourself in.

“Providing understanding and accompaniment to people in transition, enabling them to grow and to thrive.”

It is amazing how similar the issues are in different transitions, how much identity comes into play. I often meet with clients who have lost confidence in who they are and what they offer to the world – as well as where to find fulfilment for themselves. Coaching can really help with all these pieces of the puzzle.

I come out of a mission context, but am happy to work with people of any faith, no faith, or struggling faith since I am used to asking big questions myself! My faith journey has been unconventional and I don’t currently identify with any faith, whilst being a deeply spiritual person.

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jigsaw puzzle

Helen operates a good structure to each session, and can also adapt with ease and flexibility to an individual’s needs and pace. Having lived abroad herself for many years, she has a broad understanding of some of the challenges thrown up when living outside of the UK, which was my particular situation.
Working through what it is that’s unique to me that I can contribute to the world – my “core process” – brought about a significant shift in my outlook on life.

With great insight, Helen draws off the wealth of various sources of learning that she judges suitable to each person she works with. If anyone is seeking an astute and empathetic guide for direction at any stage of life, I would recommend Helen Watts without any hesitation.