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enneagram workshop work with me


I have been running workshops for over 10 years on a variety of different enneagram related subjects. It is fun putting together new and different offerings, so please do get in touch to see how I can help your team / group. Here are some past examples:

  • Workshops for groups of individuals with four possible days on an enneagram introduction, subtypes, defences and growth.
  • Team day for a chaplaincy team introducing the enneagram and focussing on communication
  • Work team day on stress and how our patterns change when we’re stressed
  • Oxford Enneagram community days on self-care, resilience, attitudes to time, reaction vs response.

Get in touch to see how you and your team can work with me.


One to One Coaching

Coaching is all about you becoming more the person you would like to be. People often work with me because they are in some sort of transition or they have found out what enneagram patterns they have and would like to know how to move beyond them.

We journey together to bring more awareness to the things which trip you up time and again. I can help you with different exercises to start gently challenging your patterns with compassion so that you can open up new possibilities of responding.

It can be deep work. We take it at your pace and spread sessions over a number of months according to how much time you have to reflect between times. 

Contact me for a free consultation call to chat about what coaching might look like for you.

Helen's knowledge of the enneagram and helpful coaching style has meant that I now have some really useful images and practices to draw on for making and maintaining changes in the different areas of my life. I felt heard and understood and the areas we discussed were so 'right' for me and my enneagram preferences.

I approached Helen for some Enneagram coaching as I wanted to increase my self-confidence (particularly at work) and to feel more confident in my decision-making. I have come away with tools and tips to help me to listen to my emotions and instincts, manage stress, prioritise tasks and communicate more effectively with others both at work and home.

enneagram exploration work with me

Enneagram type exploration

New to the enneagram? Are you keen to know which type patterns you have?

I offer a typing exploration during which we cover a lot of ground, to help you work out which type you resonate with most. We look at all the different themes covered by the enneagram types and decide together where you might be on the enneagram.

It’s a collaborative process. You may then decide to go on and have some coaching to help you see where your patterns show up. Or you may decide that’s all you need for now. Whichever, I can help you start your journey and discover awareness of why you do what you do! 

Get in touch if you’d like investigate which type you might be.