Time to experiment

Transitions happen at various times in our lives. Relocation, retirement, parenthood, feeling stuck in our career, .. there are many things that lead to transition. And re-entry is one of them.

There are loads of tips out there on surviving transition, things like:

  • journalling
  • looking at the big picture
  • dreaming about / imagining what could come next
  • taking care of yourself
  • laughter
  • finding a life coach to support you

Two tips that I feel don’t get enough air-time are:

  • putting temporary structures in place and
  • giving yourself time to experiment.

Temporary structures

time to experiment - treehouse

There is often time pressure and financial pressure to get ourselves sorted and into a job as soon as possible when we return from living overseas. It is important to recognise this. But if we put pressure on ourselves to find the right job straight away, it can feel totally overwhelming. And we may end up doing the wrong thing longer term, and getting stuck.

What if you could find something temporary (I’m talking several months to a couple of years)? Something that would bring you in enough money to keep you going but also provide you with the space to think, reflect and make the most of your transition. And most importantly that would give you time to work out what you really want to do for the next phase.

Many of my clients rush to find the right thing whilst not even being sure what the right thing is. Take your time. Find something temporary – and if possible something that doesn’t take up all the hours in the week. Give yourself the time and the opportunity to work out the next stage at your leisure, without all the added pressure.

Time to experiment

Along with setting up temporary structures to hold you during this time, use the time to experiment with different things. Do things differently. Try something you’ve never done before. Alter the way you approach things and experiment with other ways of being.

time to experiment - experiment

This is your chance to be different. To change your life radically – or just come at it from a different angle! Once you get into full flow again after your re-entry, the chances of making major change become smaller. So use the opportunity you have to experiment.

Perhaps you could put together a list of things you’ve never done (no matter how small or large). Or things you would love to do. People you would like to get to know. Places you would like to see. Ways you would like to try relating to others that are different to your normal style. If you write them down and are intentional with them, you have way more chance of doing them (see my previous post on new year’s resolutions).

Try to view your re-entry transition as a doorway to adventure and the next stage of your life. A time to experiment and to have fun. It takes your focus away from the ending (which was important, and there should always be time for grieving too) and moves you towards new things and intentionally creating your unique way forward.

If you need help working out what and how, get in touch!

13th February 2019