Time to experiment

time to experiment - treehouse

Transitions happen at various times in our lives. Relocation, retirement, parenthood, feeling stuck in our career, .. there are many things that lead to transition. And re-entry is one of them. There are loads of tips out there on surviving transition, things like: journalling looking at the big picture dreaming about / imagining what could […]

Christmas adventures and experiments

Christmas meal

To be honest, I’m finding thinking about Christmas a little overwhelming this year. I’ve always found it a little tricky. To add to the chaos, I’m adding in trying to use less plastic. And that just makes it feel like there are even more choices and decisions to be made. About which things we can reasonably […]

Reframe your re-entry

reframe your re-entry - end of train track

What do you think of when you hear the word “re-entry”? What does it signal to you? The end of an adventure? A new beginning? Something you don’t really want to do? A relief? Your attitude towards re-entry has an impact on how you experience it. So I want to suggest that sometimes you need […]

Imagining new adventures

imagining new adventures

By this time in February in the UK the snowdrops are out. The daffodils are showing signs of making an appearance. It feels like spring is on its way, even though it’s at least a month away! I am also mindful of the fact that when we were in Kyrgyzstan, there might have been another […]

Getting to know your home country

getting to know your home country

You’ve gone back to your home country. It’s where you lived before, right? So why write an article on getting to know your home country? I think that half the problem with re-entry is exactly that: most people still have the mentality that you’re “just going home.” You probably register that you’ve changed massively while […]