Can’t see where
the road goes
Coming up against
the same old stuff
and wanting to
know how to move
beyond it?
Feeling hemmed
in by life and
not able to express

Enneagram workshops for teams or groups

I run workshops for groups or teams wanting to understand the enneagram and how it can help you work / live / conflict / communicate more effectively and more authentically. See more…

Enneagram coaching / accompaniment

Know your enneagram type want to take it further? Work through the challenges that come up time and time again in your relationships at work and at home using the wisdom of the enneagram. See more…

Work out what’s keeping you stuck and how to move beyond where you are, whilst making the most of your transition. I can help you reevaluate where you are and help you move forward. See more…

Oxford Enneagram Community (OEC)

I run OEC and we have three one-day workshops a year, held just outside Oxford. You need to know your enneagram type  to join. I also run a monthly evening zoom group as part of OEC. See more here.

Enneagram type exploration

Don’t know your enneagram type or are confused about it? I offer an exploration session to help you work out what your enneagram type might be. See more…

Helen Watts

I feel like I have spent my life going through transitions and being affected by them: from single to married; living in the UK to living overseas; being a young mum to having more capacity for other things; living overseas to coming home again; mechanical engineer to life coach / mum / enneagram teacher / energy assessor.

The enneagram has helped me make sense of who I am in all this. It was so refreshing to discover why I am the way I am and why I do what I do… And to know that I can choose to adopt different ways of being. more…

If you’re looking for my previous blog posts on re-entry, you can find them here and my online course here.