Hope and Covid-19

hope and Covid-19

It’s taken me ages to work out how to start this article. Covid-19 is provoking so much change across the globe. There is much hardship, loss, pain and suffering. And yet I also see HOPE. By writing an article about hope I do not want to be insensitive to those of you who are losing […]

Re-entry seasons

re-entry seasons - spring

The recent demonstrations from Extinction Rebellion have been quite a talking point in our house this year. My husband took part in the big one in London in April, but couldn’t make it in October. We love what it stands for and yet question the timing of it this time round, just as Brexit is […]


endings - signpost dead end

One of the key things about transition is that it involves an ending. That’s what sets it all off. William Bridges defines the stages in his book The Way of Transition: Endings, Neutral zone and new beginnings. He also goes on to break down the Endings into smaller components, which I will consider in this […]

Revisiting the past

How often do we get the opportunity to revisit the past? To see which of our memories are real and which have become twisted over time? Allow me some personal reflections on our recent trip to Kyrgyzstan. The place we left with very mixed emotions eight years ago. A country we lived in for the […]

Sharing your story of your time overseas

sharing your story

When so many people seem so uninterested in the life you have just lived,  how do you go about sharing your story of your time abroad? It’s a tricky one and many people I speak to struggle with it, almost feeling they need to put it aside and not speak about it. And yet it […]