Films and Re-entry

films and re-entry

I’m always fascinated when I find films that portray re-entry or relocation in some sort of way. Have you ever watched something then realised that the film-maker has nailed it? They’ve caught one of those moments that takes you right back into your own world. They always make me cry. Goodbyes and hellos in films […]



Have you ever tried to talk to someone about your overseas experience and been met with a blank look, or the glazed-eye-expression? Or found that someone immediately moves the conversation on to their own favourite toilet story? Or that time when they were in that place the opposite side of the continent to you? In […]

Sharing your story of your time overseas

sharing your story

When so many people seem so uninterested in the life you have just lived,  how do you go about sharing your story of your time abroad? It’s a tricky one and many people I speak to struggle with it, almost feeling they need to put it aside and not speak about it. And yet it […]