Re-entry seasons

re-entry seasons - spring

The recent demonstrations from Extinction Rebellion have been quite a talking point in our house this year. My husband took part in the big one in London in April, but couldn’t make it in October. We love what it stands for and yet question the timing of it this time round, just as Brexit is […]

Resettlement coaching

resettlement coaching - seedling in hands

Several people have asked me lately about what I do to help people adjust to their home country. Or they weren’t clear that it is something I do. So I thought I would try to spell it out in a blog so you have a clearer idea. Re-entry or resettlement coaching is about accompanying you […]



Have you ever tried to talk to someone about your overseas experience and been met with a blank look, or the glazed-eye-expression? Or found that someone immediately moves the conversation on to their own favourite toilet story? Or that time when they were in that place the opposite side of the continent to you? In […]