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Many people talk about re-entry being hard, and they’re not wrong – research shows it is a difficult transition. Posts on social media are full of people who are finding it hard to adjust to living at home again, so it’s no wonder there is so much angst about it.

The problem is, many people assume they’re just “going home,” so they don’t need to do anything special to prepare – but then end up wondering what went wrong, and why it was so painful.

I liked Helen’s gentle yet direct style and the questions and worksheets which enabled me to take things deeper.

Unsettled by the thought of going home? Learn how to leave your overseas posting well and arrive home confidently

By learning about reverse culture shock, transition and how to leave well, you can make all the difference to going home. You can go home with confidence, knowing what to expect and how to support yourself through the process.

Please note: I use the expression “going home” throughout this course, knowing full well that it may no longer feel like home to you. Forgive me – it is less clunky than always saying “going back to your passport country” etc.!

The online course “From Apprehensive to Quietly Confident” includes a mixture of videos and worksheets to help you walk through the process of finishing well in your overseas location, arriving and settling in your home country. It can all be completed in your own time at your leisure.

From Apprehensive to Quietly Confident

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I found the course really useful as I prepare to head back to my passport country after eight years away. I really appreciated the opportunity to intentionally set aside time to think through my experiences and what I have learned.

The worksheets provide a good framework for reflection and personal application of the topics covered. There are also some very practical ideas, along the way, as to how to prepare and to negotiate this major transition. I think that for some people it will be much easier to engage with this course than with reading a book, and if they are able to interact with the worksheets there will also be more benefit. I believe this course will be a valuable resource for our organisation, and definitely well worth the cost!

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