Coping in strange times #2

coping in strange times 2 - gratitude

My last blog covered some of the basics of coping in these strange times we’re in: looking after ourselves, the importance of touch, imagining the future whilst also remaining fully rooted in the present. This post will offer a few more strategies and thoughts. Gratitude Many people incorporate some sort of gratitude practice into their […]

Coping in strange times

coping in strange times - lockdown

The lock-down continues. How are you coping in these strange and different times? Are you in your host country, unable to go out and work? Or maybe you’ve been repatriated to your home country and are trying to settle without the possibility of “normal” life. Or perhaps you were on leave when lock-down happened and […]

Covid-19 and reentry

covid and reentry

Who would have thought 2020 would start like this? Life re-defined as never before. Change happening so fast that you turn off your TV / phone and you’re out of date. As I write, the UK has just been tasked to go into greater lock-down because of Covid-19. No outings apart from the necessary; only […]



We’ve just gone through practically the whole house, including the loft, getting rid of things we don’t want or need any more. We didn’t intend to do the whole lot – it just seemed to snowball from one room to the next. De-cluttering and making space. Children’s books; old lego models; games; annuals; DVDs; clothes; […]


endings - signpost dead end

One of the key things about transition is that it involves an ending. That’s what sets it all off. William Bridges defines the stages in his book The Way of Transition: Endings, Neutral zone and new beginnings. He also goes on to break down the Endings into smaller components, which I will consider in this […]

Christmas adventures and experiments

Christmas meal

To be honest, I’m finding thinking about Christmas a little overwhelming this year. I’ve always found it a little tricky. To add to the chaos, I’m adding in trying to use less plastic. And that just makes it feel like there are even more choices and decisions to be made. About which things we can reasonably […]

Reframe your re-entry

reframe your re-entry - end of train track

What do you think of when you hear the word “re-entry”? What does it signal to you? The end of an adventure? A new beginning? Something you don’t really want to do? A relief? Your attitude towards re-entry has an impact on how you experience it. So I want to suggest that sometimes you need […]



How much disappointment, grief, anger, and negative emotions in general in life are caused by foiled expectations? I think it’s quite a lot. How does that work in re-entry? Without realising it, you return “home” with expectations and assumptions about all sorts of things! Whether you’re already home, or just planning to go home, checking […]

Imagining new adventures

imagining new adventures

By this time in February in the UK the snowdrops are out. The daffodils are showing signs of making an appearance. It feels like spring is on its way, even though it’s at least a month away! I am also mindful of the fact that when we were in Kyrgyzstan, there might have been another […]

Mindset during re-entry

mindset during re-entry - gentleness

We’ve talked about several practical aspects of re-entry during the last few posts. We’ve looked at friendships;  talking about your time overseas; making your house your home; and rediscovering your home country. Now we’re going to think a little about mindset during re-entry. The attitude you approach your re-entry and its ups and downs with […]